ARION was the name of a Greek singer and musician from Methymna on Lesbos who lived approx. 600 years B.C. and performed at the court of the korinthian tyrant Peiandros. It is told, that he here - in honour of Dionysos - created the first dityrambisian choirs, from which the greek tragedy has developed. His living is mentioned by the aincient with many mysterious ornaments.

Traveling home from Tarent, where he is said to have wun precious prices in a musical tournament, he was robbed by the sailors, who subsequently threw him overboard.

The dolphins, that had flocked around the ship to enjoy his singing and playing, carried him ashore on their backs.


On the logo of the Arion-Choir you can see the greek singer ARIONses with his lyre riding on a dolphin. He had been gifted with his beautiful voice by APOLLON, the greek God of song and play.

In gratitude for the golden voice, he traveled around and enjoyed the people in the greek city states and colonies along the Mediterean Sea. 

Chosing the name ARION at the founding of the Choir on February 16. februar 1893, was most likely because the devinely gifted singer valued making people happy more than the possession of gold and values. 

The logo of the Arion-choir shows such a situation, where he choses the song over wealth.


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