Arion is a male choir with approx. 50 members. Most are seasoned amateurs, but amongst the members you will also find several with a professional musical background. So we strive for at high musical standard. At our concerts we mainly sing four-part songs and most often a capella.

On this web-site you may read more about who we are and what we do (see under Facts and Presentation). If you would like to join us, you can see more under Want to join.

If you are interested in a contact to hear more of how to engage the choir, you can find more information under Booking of the choir.

Wanting to hear us? - just visit this site for information on upcoming concerts. Want more information? join Friends of Arions.

The rooms of the choir can be rented for parties and the like. See more on the web-site of the House.

Arion-koret beh 2018Choir Februar 2018

Click on play (the triangle) to hear the choir sing a classical arrangement.


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